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1. How often do you play Minecraft? How much time can you contribute to the server?

2. When is the last time you've been punished? Minecraft or real life punishments. What did you learn from it?

3. Do you have any experience with staffing? If you don't, what good aspects can you bring to the table?

4. How have you helped out people on the server?

5. Have you made any applications here before? [If so, when?]


1. You receive a message from a player in-game stating that a hacker had just killed them.
What would you do? 

2. A player is highly upset over losing a set of gear to a hacker. They then begin spamming you with "You could have done something. Why are you staff?" You warn this player, but they do not stop.
What would you do?

3. After muting the above player, his or her friends begin to spam you with messages stating they were wrongly muted and that they will get you demoted.
What would you do?

4. You join the server and notice that a fellow staff member is abusing their permissions.
What would you do?

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